Wireless Bluetooth Joystick Controller For Nintendo Switch Pro Mando Gamepad Game T4 Pro For

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SWITCH Bluetooth handle operating instructions

1. Host settings
#1 To connect a Bluetooth handle, the Controller Connection (Bluetooth) option of the host is On, or turn off Flight Mode;
#2 On the main page, select Controllers->Change Grip/Order, so that the host is in the state of searching for Bluetooth devices. (This operation is not required for connection back)
#3 Note: If it is difficult for the host to pair the controller, it may be that the host is connected to too many Bluetooth devices, and you need to manually clear the Bluetooth information (System Setting->Controllers and Sensors->DisConnect Controllers);

2. Handle pairing host
When the handle is turned off (the charging cable cannot be plugged in), press and hold the Home button for 5 seconds to turn on the device, the 4 LEDs are in a fast flashing state, and the channel indicator corresponding to a successful connection is always on. If there is no synchronization within 2.5 minutes, it will automatically sleep.
If the Bluetooth connection is successful, the corresponding channel indicator LED is always on (assigned by the Switch host)

3. The handle connects back to the host
When the handle is turned off, press the HOME button for 1 second to wake up the handle. After being woken up, it will automatically connect to the paired host to reconnect. If the reconnect is unsuccessful in 10 seconds, it will automatically sleep;
Other buttons have no wake-up function