Video Game Consoles Dual Joystick Gameconsole 15000+ Classic Games Support 4 Player Familygame Game

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Video Game Consoles Dual Joystick Gameconsole 10000+ Classic Games Support 4 Player Familygame Game Stick With PS1/GB/CPS/SFC/FC

About this game console
2.The most primitive arcade joystick, special game rocker for arcade, high sensitivity and antiskid design
3.TV HD output, support HDMI connection to TV, game synchronization operation
4.Plug and Play, No Action Required, We have developed a game console for you that does not require any driver to be installed automatically. Just plug the game console into the TV's USB port and use the TV. The remote control sets the corresponding channel and you can start playing the game! Very simple and easy to operate!
5.Support 1080P Out(Need tv support and game support)

Dual Turret Joystick Game Machine

Bulit-in 15000+ games, also have some PS1 games
You can play classic arcade game, pre-installed, needn't downloads, needn't internet.

Double Joystick

One main engine and one auxiliary engine
The main joystick function is to control the selection page.
The secone joystick use to control player No.2
🎮Single version :Only One Joystick
🎮Double player:Have two joystick
🎮Three player:One Joystick And Two 2.4G wireless controller

Easy To Operate The Game Machine

Connect the HDMI cable with TV's HDMI port,then it can play
Use adpter connect the USB cable to support power to the game console
ADD / SEARCH / SAVE / COLLECTION function support in the game feature.

Support Many Classic Simulators

CPS / FC / GB / GBA / GBC / MD / SFC / PS1
64G version support PS1 games.(32G version haven't PS1)
🎮32GB WITH 10000 GAMES
🎮64GB WITH 15000& PS1 GAMES

Built-in Classic Games Also Support ADD game

The game machine noy only built-in 15000 games ,
but also support download the game by yourself.
If you need the game list,please contact us!

Support 4 Player Game Together

Using a USB docking station, you can connect multiple controllers to play together at the same time. Enjoy game time with friends and family.

Needn't Network Connect with HDMI Then Can Play

Compatible with multiple devices,such as TV / MONITOR / LAPTOP / PROJECTOR
Only connect with the device then it can work,built in 15000+ games


Play games with high definition picture quality
The intelligent HDchip can beconfigured for lossless transmission


Good controt light aparation and more comfortable feel
High sansitivity and longer sonice life

How To Connect

1. Connect the HDMI cable to connect the main joystick to the TV.
2. Connect the USB cable to provide power for the main game console.
3. If you want two players, connect the USB of the secondary game console to the main game console to enjoy two-player games.
4. Switch the TV to HDMI mode to start the game.