Roborock S7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Smart Home Brush Steam Mop Sweep Dust Carpet Sonic Mopping

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roborock S7 Level Up Your Cleaning with Sonic Mopping

>>>Question & Answer:

Q: Is S7 scratching hardwood floors?

A: The robot is floor-friendly designed and the wheels are made of rubber. Please rest assured that it will not make a scratch on the floor.

Q: Can I add some liquid disinfectant (e.g. Dettol) in addition to the water in the water tank?

A: We don't suggest our customers add anything into the water because the bubble made by the chemical substance in the cleaner may block the filter and cause no water out. Users could give it a shot. If all is fine, we think it is OK to add.

But if anything is wrong with mopping, please clean the tank with water and don't use the cleanser anymore

Q: I want to buy this for my 80-year-old mom. She doesn't have a smartphone or Alexa but does have Wi-Fi. Will he be able to use this?

A: It will work without WiFi by pressing the button to start/end cleaning. The Internet connection will bring some extra functions on the app such as setting up the schedule, suction power strength switch.

Q: Does the S7 vacuum at the same time it mops, or is it one or the other?

A: It can vacuum individually and also vacuum and mop at the same time.

Q: Can you set to mop only certain areas? Example: vacuum all hardwood in the house but only mop under the beds

A: Yes, It's really customizable. You can set 0-3 intensity in the sucking and the mopping, and then divide your house into zones or rooms.

For instance set to max suction and max mopping for the kitchen but no mopping in the bedroom, and normal level suction for the rest of the house 


We Support 2 Years warranty, Please contact us if you have any problems !!!

The warranty is automatically activated when the product is shipped to the customer.

The warranty only covers defects in material or workmanship.

The repairs under warranty may only be carried out by an authorized service center. When making a claim under the warranty, the original bill of purchase (with purchase date) must be submitted.

The warranty will not apply in cases of:

Normal wear and tear.

Incorrect use, e.g. overloading of the appliance, use of non-approved accessories, use of force.

Damage caused by external influences.

Damage caused by non-observance of the user manual, e.g. connection to an unsuitable mains supply or non-compliance with the installation instructions.

Partially or completely dismantled appliances.

Battery degradation.

Parts such as the fluffy brush, HEPA filter, roller wheels, dust cup, which are consumables and subjected to wear and tear.

Under warranty, we cover the cost of the repairs, post fee, replacement parts.


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