Original ASUS ROG Phone 6 Global ROM 5G Gaming Phone Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 6.78'' 165Hz

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Modle : Asus ROG Phone 6


Snapdragon 8+Gen 1 FlagShip , Octa Core CPU


6.78" 20.4:9 (2448 x 1080)Samsung 165HZ E-sports Screen .




Rear Camera

Main Camera: 50 MP( IMX766) +13MP+5MP

Front Camera

12 MP.


6000mAh (typ), Support 65W fast charging, In-box 65W Charger


Android 12,Global ROM, Support Multi-Language and Google Play


GPS, OTG Update

Network Standards


N28, N41, N77, N78, N79; N1, N3, N7, N8, N20, N38 Roaming only


FDD-LTE: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B18/B19/B26/B28

TD-LTE: B34/B38/B39/B40/B41/B42/B48


WCDMA: B1/B2/B4/B5/B8


GSM: B2/B3/B5/B8




Support NFC

Wifi  Version

Wifi 6


Bluetooth 5.2

1. Is the price include customs duty?

The price does not include customs duty. Buyers may be charged customs duties and taxes, Buyers are responsible for custom taxes. Thanks!

2. The phone has Google Play Store and support Multi-language?

Yes,Though this product is the Chinese version.we will open the box to install the global firmware. This product supports Multi-Language,Google Service,OTA upddate.

3. May I get a repair warranty?

Yes, we suggest that you can take an unpacking video when you receive the package.

Sending from China–1 Year Official warranty+1 Year Store Warranty;

4.How to check whether the phone can be work in your country?

Please Check Here to Check:


http:// willmyphonework.net

5. Make Up the Price Difference of DHL/FedEx's Remote Areas.
  1. According to DHL's official regulations, the customer's receiving city may be identified as a remote area, and the delivery needs to pay a remote fee. The customer can check whether the destination is a remote area through the following link.https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005004078051568.html

  2. Please make sure the Recipient is the FULL NAME, Postal Code and City Name must correspond. DHL and FedEx require recipients to be in full name and zip code and city must correspond.

Cool God Of War , Win First!


New Upgraded Performance

With Snapdragon 8+Gen 1 Flagship Platform

3.2ghz high dominant frequency E-sports performance ajustment x mode.and
Samsung 165HZ AMOLED E-sports screen,720HZ touch sampling rate 1ms screen touch
Matrix liquid cooling architecture 6.0

3300mg space grade cooling material;Cool fan 6** ai temperature control
refrigeration system,the funcooler semiconductor refrigeration can be powered
by mobile phones.
Airtrigger 6 multi combination control

2X3 plus shoulder key+10 somatosensory controls +4 Fan Keys.New press
trigger double control+press and lift respectively trigger+ Shoulder key and
somatosensory control linkage play.when you are play games.such as,Hi-Fi level
diffuse experience,6000mAh(typ)*Lagre battery,ROG 6.0 Professional game UI and
Tencent game privileges.
Qualcomm snapdragon 8+Gen 1

The new generation of Qualcomm snapdragon 8+Gen 1 flagship platform,TSMC
4nm advanced technogy,frequency up to 32ghz,performance improvement of 10%*Reduce
power consumption by 30%, and use Ultra fast memory LPDDR5 and high speed
storage UFS 3.1 will bring a betteer game experience.
Samsung 165hz E-sports screen

6.78 inch AMOLED scale straight,diamondarrangement, no digging,no
blockingborn for mobile games.E-sport touch adjustment,win first and take a
quick step.
High Frame Rate Games And DC Dimming

It support open high frame rate games and DC dimming. you can look forward
to more games .also it will be more comfortable for your eyes to use for a long
Support open high frame rate games

Scratch and wear resistanceMatrix liquid cooling architecture 6.0

CPU central strcuture,keep the hand position
cool.Nitriding of 3300mq aerospace grade cooling materialborn can efficiently
export CPU heat.With the help of temperature equalizing and graphene with
greatly increased area , Quickly remove heat,and the frequency of heavy games
will not be reduced.
Cool Fan 6

Fan comes with 4 mechanical keys.Importantly , AI temperature
control refrigeration system and Semiconductor refrigerationchip.which can
balance power consumption and refrigeration efficiency also can power mobile
phones.Also five improvements for the coooling , such as Waterproof design,
X+mode, Strong cooling 25° ,Real temperature monitoring and AURA RGB.
Airtrigger 6 multi combination control

2X3 pus  shoulder key,10 kinds of somatosensory control
and 4 fan key
2×3 pus ultrasonic shoulder key can realize
single point and connection.One side single key and double key settings the
position is adjustable and the feedback is powerful.you can also quickly switch
gear through the shoulder key, and press it to trigger advanced playing methods
such as double control and press and lift are waiting for your explore.
AirTrigger 6—2x3pus ultrasonic shoulder key

The ultrasonic shoulder key is upgraded again, and the single
shoulder key adds press trigger double control and press lift respectively
trigger so that you can quickly play the great God operation, defeat the enemy
first and win with one move.
Airtrigger 6—Motion sensing

10 somatosensory manipulation methods.New body feeling and
shoulder key linage playpress and hold the shoulder key and tilt the phone to
adjust the field of version.MoBa games pull the field of version around the
back cutting C is easy to start , and you can learn it as soon as you learn.
AirTrigger 6—4 Fan Key

Cool Fan 6 mechanical keys are upgraded to four , multi
finger operation, and win first.Key position and shape the shpe . the shape
conforms to the ergonmic design, which makes it more comfortable to hold.
X–tactile vibration system

High end x-axis vibration motor, with greater vibration and
lower energy consumption, it provides a variety of ring field.Shocks for
wonderful games such as five kills and super gods, Support “glory of the king
”,crossing the line of the file: the king of gunfight”,etc,Constantly adapt and
update more games.
Dual forward speaker & dirac joint tuning

Dual forward five magnetic stereo speakers, Swedish audio
expert DRAC joint depth adjustment, relaxed listen to the sound and identity
the position, seize the first opportunity,and win with one move.Low latency
mode of Bluetooth headset,in game when it is automatically turned on, players
can enjoy the same swimming experience as wired headsets when wearing Bluetooth
headsets Drama experience.
Customized type-C interface on the side

The full-function type CT port is customized in the middle of
the side, which can be used while filling and playing.Adopt usb3.1,HDMI signal
output and bypass charging are supported. The mobile phone becomes the host in
one second , and large screen games are more enjoyable.
6000mAh large batery

6000mAh high-capacity battery ,super endurance,easy to deal
with daily use.
ROG 6.0 Professional game UI

The newly designed U interface, newly launched animation ,
blackground mmusic and vibration effects , provides players with an immersive
experience similiar to the console.
Intelligent control center game hall

Players can define scene profiles for each application and
adjust these applications separately Preset performance mode of the
sequence.Touch ,display ,performance, network and airtrigger can be carried
outcustom, you cna also import God settings.There are many more open screen
animations to choose from . Welcome to play home.
Intelligent control center console

Open the sonsole to monitor the performance status and body
temperature of the mobile phone in real time, you can also turn on X mode with
one key to instantly turn on the runaway performance.Integrated game spritesFan
, airtrigger,light effect setting and other functions are integrated , Manage
your phone efficiently.
Game Wizard-Game Genie
The outgoing calll method and U interface are
newly upgraded.”Space cockpit”style,sense of technology and control pull
full..High integration,diverse functions,and comprehensively enhance the game
Tencent solarcore 5.0 Game acceleration engine
Based on the software and hardware integrated
version 50 game engine, it can intelligently identify various game scenes and
output performance efficient and stable.With the help of solarcore state
adjustment, in the game launch,ban picki festival application scenarios such as
group warfare,players can get a better experience.
Flagship three shots record winning monments
Sony mX766 sensor/ Super night view /
HDR10+Video recording

12MP—Ultraclearlmage quality
13MP—125°ultra wide viewing angle,real-time
distortion correction

50MP—Macro cameraTencent game benefits

Enjoy Tencent game benefits when purchasing a machine, and
you cna get a gift bag at the welfare center.
Eye of faith

Aural array ROG effect is newly upgraded,shhining with the
eyes of faith.With color mixing,strobe color cycle, breathing lamp and other
lamp effects.Support calling,Starting games ,charging,notification,etc,Multiple
Custmize dynamic themes

Game style theme shows Rog personality

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