Nintendo Switch OLED Model White Set 7 Inch Colorful Screen Joy‑Con Handle Enhanced Audio Adjustable

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Notice 2

This product is not region-locked, supports multi-language switching (see below for details), and has no restrictions on use.

Supported languages :
English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese .

The charging plug for game consoles with the "EU Plug" logo in the product options picture is the European standard, and the charging plug for game consoles without the "EU Plug" logo is the British standard three-pin style, please confirm before placing an order.

The game products sold by this store are physical game cards. The actual products delivered by this store are not fixed versions and game product covers are not fixed. Most of them are mainly Hong Kong versions, and the actual products received shall prevail. The game content is the same.

Parameter Comparison

OLED Screen

There is no need to add a backlight panel to
provide a light source like an LCD screen,
each pixel can emit light by itself light,
thereby presenting the screen of the image.
Colors become more vivid.

You can have fun anytime, anywhere,Brightly
coloured screen in OLED style —Enjoy playing.

The screen borders are narrowed, the OLED screen when the configuration is increased to 7.
The green grass swaying in the wind, the sudden attack of the enemy, the racing car rushing by at high speed…
Various games are depicted in vivid colors.

Vivid Colors

Nintendo Switch (OLED Version)
As a brand new model of Nintendo Switch,
Bring colorful gaming experience.

Freely Adjust The Angle

"Nintendo Switch (OLED version)" uses a large "spindle type" stand.
You can firmly fix the angle that suits you best
and enjoy the desktop mode to the fullest.

New Dock with Wired LAN Connection

The dock that comes with the
"Nintendo Switch (OLED version)"
retains the original 2 USB ports and
the HDMI port for connecting to the
TV, but also adds a new wired LAN port.

64GB Host Memory

The host memory is "64GB"
The memory capacity can be further expanded by
purchasing an additional microSD card.
※Except for the capacity occupied by the system,
it can be used to download data.

Brand New Speakers

Whether in handheld mode or desktop mode,
you can enjoy the gaming experience brought by crystal clear sound.

3 Modes in 1

1、TV Mode : Have fun on the big TV screen
Nintendo Switch console mounted on dock
and connected to TV;

2、Desktop Mode : Share Screen
Pull out the stand sharing handle and enjoy;

3、Palm Mode :Easy to carry, go out to play
Whether you are going out or going to work,
you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere.

Connect together at a party

Whether it is "Nintendo Switch (OLED Model)", "Nintendo Switch" or "Nintendo Switch Lite",
as long as you bring the host together, you can communicate with neighboring hosts and
enjoy the fun of battle and cooperative play.

Handle Joy-Con

"Nintendo Switch (OLED version)" comes with
a handle "Joy-Con" on the left and right, which
can be held vertically and horizontally to operate,
and there is also a way to hold the controller on
the left and right. You can also "share" one of
the Joy-Cons with others for 2-player battles
or cooperative play.

Main Features / Specifications

Warranty Statement

The store provides a 12-month free warranty. The buyer needs to provide the serial No. code of the product to our customer service for verification. After verification, the product should be mailed to the designated repair location of the store as it is and bear the freight. If any parts are replaced, the buyer shall also pay for the new parts.
Before the warranty, please contact the customer service of the store to communicate and confirm the relevant information such as the mailing address and the details of the warranty process.

Packaging and Shipping Statement

The goods will be properly packaged by the warehouse according to unified standards. Occasionally, the packaging box of the goods will be squeezed and deformed during transportation, this situation is normal, and our store is not responsible for the damaged box. if it involves damage to internal goods, please contact our customer service for handling.

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