MIUI Slow Juicer New FilterFree Electric Cold Presses with Stainless Steel strainer (FFS6),Rated

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MIUI New Filterfree Slow Juicer (FFS6 PRO)

Thanks to MIUI's technological leadership in the slow juicer industry, this new version will create a whirlwind of juicer purchases.

The torque of the motor used in our Professional Series juicers has been increased by 50 kilogram force centimeters over that of the motor in our household models, thus offering greater power and efficiency.

Magic Windmill Circle 2.0 – Rotatable Design

The 78mm diameter can accommodate whole fruits or large quantities of cut fruits.

This is a truly large-caliber. The wind-wheel-type feeding port design provides a space for the whole fruit to slide. Compared with the first generation, our design is more reasonable.

New FilterFree 6th Generation

There is no doubt that easy clean is the highlight of Filterfree's most technological innovation, so you don't have to worry about your choice.

It is made of durable polyetherimide (PEI) and high-strength food stainless steel, allowing it to effectively endure the high pressures inside the chamber.

Buy One Get One Free – 2 Options

In order to take into account the traditional habits of users, we provide the first batch of users with porous metal filters as an alternative filter for free. Users can compare with it and feel the excellent experience brought by FFS.

BPA free – Natruer's Porter

MIUI uses high standard food-grade materials, this juicer is just a "porter" for nature's fruits and vegetables, delivering fresh nutrients to you in a safer way.

10 seconds to install, easy to do. Please rest assured that all the installation is presented in an easy way, so it's a piece of cake for you.

Fresher & More Efficient

MIUI always provides users with a more productive fruit and vegetable juicer.

New pull-out juice plug design for higher sealing and more comfortable operating experience.

Thanks to the latest ramp design at the bottom of the mixing cup, you don't have to tilt the machine yourself to get all the juice. Enjoy every drop of fresh juice with MIUI!

Easy to Clean

They are also easier to clean, offering greater efficiency and convenience for users.

Lower Noise – More Gentle Care

The MIUI juicer works at 60 rpm so as not to disturb other family members, especially sleeping babies.

Powerful Output Power

MIUI 6th generation slow juicer JE230-32M00 has a motor rated at 120W and when the machine is working, the rated output power of the whole machine can be as high as 250W. This item has undergone strict GS certification and the highest value of working power is much higher than similar cold press juicers.

Automatic Power-off Protection Design

MIUI FF6 juicer is newly designed with overheating protection.

When the machine works longer than the rated time, or the internal temperature of the machine is too high, the machine will stop working by automatically cutting off the power.

This feature effectively protects the motor and extends the life of the juicer. Of course, you can turn the machine back on after it has cooled down.

Beautiful Gift-Vacuum

Thank you for your interest and support of MIUI products, MIUI provides a small extra gift in the new juicer – vacuum.

How to use the ice cream strainer

Step 1: Be sure to open the silicone plug at the bottom of the mixing cup.
Step 2: Finish assembling the juicer.
Step 3: Start the machine and slowly put in frozen fruits, vegetables, milk, etc. (Tip: Juicer cannot handle hard ice, etc.)

*If you need an ice cream strainer, please click on the image below and purchase.