Mini Winter Reusable Gel Hand Warmer Cute Cartoon Instant Self Heating Pack Mini Winter Reusable

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Cartoon pattern, fresh and lovely
Beat the light, instant heat up
Individually packaged, compact, easy to carry and use
It can heat instantly with a light tap, easy to use
Knock-knock heat is applied to waist, abdomen and other positions to save aunt pain
Move the iron plate, heat up quickly
Cartoon pattern, small and beautiful
After solidification and cooling, put it in boiling water and heat for 5 to 7 minutes to melt and it can be reused
Warm and caring
Cartoon bye bye hot hand warmer
Ready to use, hot, reusable

Maximum: Temperature 52°C Duration 10-20 minutes

Use steps: If you can’t succeed at the first time, the angle may be wrong, you can turn the metal piece back and forth several times
It must be heated in hot water for 3-5 minutes when it is reused. It is not gentle to soak directly with warm water. It is recommended to have multiple alternatives. After all the solid crystals in the bag liquefy, you can take it out and use it.

Package include:1pcs Hand Warmer

Note: This product is only suitable for external use. If the inner liquid of the package is damaged and splashed on the eyes, skin, etc.
Just wash with clean water, do not pierce the package with sharp objects, do not squeeze at will, do not use.

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