Kitchen Timer LED Digital for Shower/Cooking Stopwatch Magnetic Electronic Digital Alarm

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Kitchen Timer LED Digital For Shower/Study/Cooking Stopwatch Magnetic Electronic Countdown Time Timer Kitchen 60 Minutes


Opening mode: press any key to open the small square;
Closing mode: press V + and V – at the same time, press and hold for 3 seconds to close "Xiaofang".
1. Fast Countdown:
Select the required countdown minutes, put the corresponding number face up, and start counting; At this time, you can press V + or V – to adjust the volume; It will ring 8 times continuously at the end and then turn off the timing automatically. You can choose 3 / 5 / 10 / 15 / 25 / 30 minutes fast timing.
2. Custom Countdown:
Press m + and S + to increase the number of minutes and seconds when the time number is displayed face up; Start countdown and adjust the volume by pressing V + or V -; It will ring 8 times at the end and then turn off the timer automatically.
The maximum adjustable time is 0:00-99:59;
3. Positive timing +:
Turn the arrow face up to turn on the timing. After that, turn the small square upside down to the time display page to see the specific time spent;
4. Charging mode:
Connect Xiaofang with USB charging cable (Android interface). The indicator light flashes during charging and will go out after full charge.
5. Volume adjustment:
In the countdown state, press V + or V – to adjust the volume, the minimum can be adjusted to mute.

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llano flip timer

Timing Xiaofang -Scientifical Time Manager
In flipping
Manage minutes and seconds.

Flip timer

⑴ Induction timing
⑵ Flash reminder
⑶ Silent operation
⑷ Rechargeable battery
⑸ High definition
⑹ Magnetic attraction

Funny Time Xiaofang come

Explore the secret of time administration.
⑴ Creative design of magic square, let children fall in love with time management in fun
⑵ Turnover to time in 1 second,saving valuable time
⑶ Silent operation,no ticking noise
⑷ Lightweight small body, put it in pocket easily

Precision gyro azimuth induction

Gyro azimuth identification
Sense time sensitively
Built-in precision induction gyroscope for azimuth recognition,you just need to flip its body

Flip induction

Each of the six sides corresponds to six timing templates, which can be quickly switched to the countdown mode of the time period by flipping any side up freely, and also has the custom countdown function of 00:00~99:59.
⑴ 6 timing modules:3/5/10/15/25/30minutes
⑵ Custom countdown:Custom countdown function of 00:00~99:59.

Manage time efficiently Take control of life

Daily study:
Put it in the corner of the desk to assist children in reasonable planning of time, efficient learning and training children's concept of time. management when your children is studying.
Fitness Yoga:
Put it next to the yoga mat during exercise without looking up at the clock at all times. It automatically reminds you of each set of actions to time.

Working conference:
Place it on the conference table during one meeting, the fuselage is small and can help manage the meeting time and overall rhythm, improving work efficiency greatly.
Hang onto the refrigerator while cooking.
You can also easily view the rest time of the dishes at any time.

99 minutes for timing and countdown

Multiple scenarios to select.
Support timing and countdown dual mode, the maximum time is 99:59. The countdown state is convenient to know the remaining time and progress in time, suitable for the scene baking and other scenes; timing mode is convenient to count the time of repetitive work, such as Magical Square Competition, Cup match, etc

Five gears to adjust Flash reminder

You will not be afraid of missing time in the mute state because of the flash reminder, fully meet your needs of different scenes.

Silent operation

Company you quietly at any time.
Unlike the ticking noise of traditional mechanical clocking, electronic timing can be truly silent, even in quiet environments such as libraries, without worrying about interfering with others.

Base for magnetic suction design

Fix the base for magnetic suction design freely,adsorbing it in the refrigerator, cabinets and other places freely.

Battery life

10-hour continuous work
Strong long-lasting life in 180 days
Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, compared with traditional machinery or 18560 battery, lithium battery is smaller, but longer standby time,it can meet 6 months of long-lasting life and up to 10 hours of continuous work

High definition

Know every second and minute clearly.
clear interface display and anti-scratch durable screen,gives you clear and intuitive reading time, volume, battery power and other information.

Automatic power saving mode:Enter black screen standby mode automatically after without operating panel for 10 seconds.

Lightweight small body

The light weight of the 52G matches the small volume of the 41/47/45 MM, and the fuselage is only a quarter of the size of the palm. Compared with the 90 G weight of similar products in the industry and the volume of 78/78/27.5 MM, it is lighter and portable.

Electroplating ABS Material

It owns electroplating grade ABS material,smooth texture,anti-scratch wear-resistant material.It will not fade paint after long-time using.

Product information

Net weight: 52G
Outer case: Electroplating ABS
Standby duration: 6 months
Color: Silver of pearls
Supply electricity: USB
The way to control: Button+Helix azimuth identification
Size: 41*47*45MM(not include package)
Standard: Q/LJN JS001-2018
List of produce:produce*1 charging line*1 instruction*1

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