KAK Brass Door Stops Heavy Duty Door Holder Magnetic Invisible Door Stopper Catch Hidden Stainless

Price: 217.06

Product Type: Magnetic Door Holder
Brand: KAK
Material: Stainless steel and copper
Color: Black/Silver/Gold/Green Bronze/Red Bronze
Suitable for door distance: 5-21mm
Suitable for all different door materials
Package includes: 1 x Door Stop with screws and screw pipes

Traditional type may take up space, difficult to clean and easy to get dust.

Latest design invisible door stopper

Hidden in the floor and inside door, Don't worry about bumping your legs.

Bulge less than 3mm in the floor, feel like nothing in the floor.

Upgraded rubber head

Not plastic head, will be more durable for long years, not easy to be broken, and work mutely no noise.

Small slope design, effectively reducing noise

Strong magnet inside door stopper, can hold heavy doors tightly, too

Easily suck up even by a 10mm thick book.

Distance between door and floor from 5-21mm are all suitable.