Joytutus Car Mini Fridge 12V Portable Compressor Refrigerator 22L/28L Cooler For Caravan Camping

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The Reason Why You Need A Portable Fridge

-Reason 1
Keep your lunch tasty when you have a long drive or work in the truck
-Reason 2
Keep your food fresh when you cook or barbeque during the weekend travel
-Reason 3
Keep your drinks frozen and you can drink them anytime, anywhere


-Cooling System: Compressor Cooling
-Item Size:576 x 320 x 329 mm
-Inside Size:350 x 249 x 248 mm
-Cooling Temperature:-22℃ ~ +10℃
-Item Weight: 13 kg
-Input Voltage: -AC:100v-240v -DC:12v-24v

-Cooling System: Compressor Cooling
-Item Size:576 x 320 x 394 mm
-Inside Size:350 x 249 x 315 mm
-Cooling Temperature:-22℃ ~ +10℃
-Item Weight: 13.9 kg
-Input Voltage: AC:100v-240v / DC:12v-24v

Fast Cooling:

-Only need 20 mins from 25°C to 0°C
-Low power consumption and low noise: Only 45W rated power in MAX mode and 45dB low noise in the car.

Precise Temperature Control

-Digital thermostat control, is accurately mastered every 1 °C.


Two Cooling Mode

-Maximum Mode and Economical Mode are optional.

Two Charging Methods

-Can be plugged in home, car and outdoor(AC 100V-240V, DC 12V-24V)

Three Level Battery Protection

-H/M/L level battery protection functions in different car voltage.

Big Capacity

-Can contain more than 30 cans of cola, also have enough space to put the food, drinks, etc

-Can be used in the status of Turbulence even your car tilts to 30 degrees
-Intelligent constant temperature: After the cooler reaches the lowest temperature, the compressor will stop working.
-Long-lasting Insulation: Last over 6-8 hours after turning off the cooler
-Multiple application range: The car cooler can be used in your car, RV, boat, camping, outdoor with DC 12V/24V input just plugging into the cigar lighter. It can be also used indoors with the attached wall adapter when it sits in your home or patio.

Package Include:

1 x 22/28L Car Refrigerator
1 x Double Layer Duty Kraft Carton
1 x English User Manual
*If you need a Spanish/Russian/Italian/French manual. please contact us.
1 x 12-24V Car Cigarette Lighter Power Cord
1 x 100-240V Home Power Cord


1. Make sure that the power voltage connected to the car refrigerator is correct at any time (parameter labels have car refrigerator verification voltage parameters.
2. Do not pour the liquid directly into the car refrigerator. It is forbidden to transform refrigerators privately to avoid danger.
3. Refrigerator should not be exposed to the rain or the sun directly, can not be usedint over 55°C environments.
4. After the power is on, the temperature difference between the side and the middle will be about 3 degrees.
5. The refrigerator will turn off after the car is off and you can plug it into a socket that has power.
6. The car refrigerator has a power-off memory function. The working state (power on/off state and working mode) before the power off is automatically restored after the next power on, and there is no need to set it again.
7. JoyTutus offer one year warranty and lifetime friendly customer service for the car refrigerator, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us 🙂
*The display shows the average temperature inside the refrigerator. The temperature at the midpoint of the refrigerator is close to the displayed temperature, and the temperature difference is within ±5℃

How to operate the car fridge

Special Notes:

1. Please unpack it and let it standby for more than 12 hours then you can power on to test it after you get it.
2. We suggest that inspect the item carefully when you receive it.
If the item was damaged by inappropriate shipping, please take picture of the package appearance and refrigerator and reject the parcel. And contact our customer service, we can complain the logistic company and resend you a good one.

Extra Accessories

Please contact us if you need

18L Car Refrigerator

22L Car Refrigerator

25L Car Refrigerator

28L Car Refrigerator


Car Refrigerator


18 Liters

22 Liters

25 Liters

28 Liters

32/40/50 Liters

Temperature Range

From 10℃ to -22℃

From 10℃ to -22℃

From 10℃ to -22℃

From 55℃ to -22℃

From 10℃ to -22℃

From 10℃ to -20℃


12/24V DC and 220V AC

12/24V DC and 220V AC

12/24V DC and 220V AC

12/24V DC and 220V AC

12/24V DC and 220V AC

Average Power Consumption






Product Size

570 * 320 * 285 mm

576 * 320 * 330 mm

570 * 320 * 350 mm

576 * 320 * 395 mm

654 * 345 * 377 mm

654 * 345 * 442 mm

654 * 345 * 527 mm

Space For

330ml cans

30 Bottles

30 Bottles

33 Bottles

40 Bottles

46/62/76 Bottles



LCD touch screen panel

Button panel

LCD touch screen panel

Button panel

LCD touch screen panel

Net Weight

8.7 KG

9.7 KG

9.5 KG

10 KG

11.6/12.5/16.4 KG

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