Huohou Electric Automatic Mill Pepper And Salt Grinder LED Light 5 Modes Peper Spice Grain

Price: 207.45 - 165.93

Please note: for the battery version of the grinder, we will randomly put the battery in, thank you

Feature and Specification


Product Name:Electric grinder
Product size: Φ 51.5x157mm
Net weight: 244g
Product material: plastic outer shell
Product color: Black/WHITE

* The pepper grinder is made of Ceramic Bit and ABS plastic cover, rust proof and corrosion resistant, will not affect the flavor of the spices ground.
* 5 modes to adjust,Simply adjust the coarseness of your spices from fine or coarse.
*Cordless battery operated design
* The grinders can be used with salt, pepper, peppercorns and other spices.
*6000 cycles, life span can reach more than 20 years
*No fear of high temperature, 55℃ high temperature 48 hours without damage
*Please do not put the grinder in water or other liquids to avoid damage to the human body or the product.
*Please do not use this product around flammable and explosive gas.

Huohou Electric Grinder

Instant grinding and use make it taste better

Labor saving and fast / Ingenuity and quality / Long lifeCeramic grinding core :More delicate powder

5th gear adjustment :The thickness is optional

One click Start

Powder 40g at a time :Grinding for 30 minutes at full power

6000 cycles :The life span can reach more than 20 years

Fearless of high temperature :No damage at 55 ° C for 48 hours

Not easy to rust :No rust after 72 hours salt spray test

Strong fall resistance:There was no abnormality in 3 times of 1m free fallBlack pepper, white pepper, coarse salt, Chinese prickly ash, cumin Grind it into powder quickly, fine and delicious.

*It is suggested to dry the pepper before grinding, and the dried pepper will be more delicious after grinding.Grind immediately and use immediately

No matter outdoor or at home, it's ready to use, fresh, pure and safe to eat.ABS material

Good comprehensive performance, surface hardness, high elasticity and toughness, good impact resistance.

Light, corrosion resistant, smooth and easy to clean.Ceramic core grinding, delicate and good taste

Ceramic grinding core has high hardness, wear resistance and long service life. Compared with other materials,

grinding is very fine and uniform.

High hardnessWear resistance      Fine grindingManual adjustment, thickness optional
Rotate left and right, 5 gear optional, according to personal preferences or meal demand, adjust the particle size.
One click to start

The output torque of connecting rod is greater than 7 No load speed should meet 38R / min ~ 52r / min, one key start,

grinding 10g,no more than 8 minutes, instant food. Continuous grinding for not less than 30 minutes under full power state.6000 cycles     Long life

Start the button, the motor works for 8 minutes, and then pause for 8 minutes to complete a test.

After testing, the electric grinder can realize more than 6000 cycles, and has a long service life of more than 20 years.

6000   8 minute cycle

20years   Life persistenceProduct Details

Battery:Change it every six months

Indicator light

Dust cover:Clean and sanitary

Low noise:Less than 68dB (A)