HiFi Bluetooth receiver Bluetooth 5.0 digital interface csr8675 optical fiber aptx HD coaxial LDAC

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Note: before purchasing, please check whether the mobile device can support LDAC?
Does the decoder support 24bit, 96k?
The LDAC function results of some mobile phones are as follows:
Support: Huawei mate30, Xiaomi 9pro,  etc
Not supported: iPhone, low version Android phone, etc.
If you don't support LDAC, other protocols can be used. It doesn't affect normal use, but you can't use LDAC protocol.
View method: Android phone into the developer mode, drop down to view
Function Description:
1. Use csr8675 Bluetooth audio board ,Bluetooth 5.0, supporting aptx, aptx HD, LDAC, using external antenna, better effect
2.The highest sampling rate can support 96k. (LDAC format)
3. USB type-C power supply, simple operation, work after power on!
4. The board has integrated LED indicator light! [led Bluetooth is not connected with slow flash, pairing mode is fast flash, Bluetooth is connected with constant light]
5. Power on and enter the pairing mode automatically. The pairing mode lasts for 3 minutes. After 3 minutes, restart and enter the pairing mode or press the play button for 3 seconds to enter the pairing mode!
Key Description:
Bluetooth mode short press play pause, long press 3 seconds to enter pairing mode
Parameter Description:
1. Bluetooth Name: Bluetooth A107
2. Power supply: USB type-C 5V power supply, current 500 MA
4. Bluetooth distance: 10M
5. Board size: 73 (mm) X80 (mm) [excluding module antenna and structure protruding part]
6. Accessories: 2.4G folding antenna

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