GAIVOTA new outdoor camping mat beach mat is suitable for family gatherings 2.5m oversized picnic

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More space, lighter. XXL oversized blanket designed for family travel. A comfortable space for 1-8 adults, the S09 measures 10 x 9 feet for enjoying the sun and breeze with friends. Lightweight at 1.5 pounds (about 680 grams), it’s ultra-compact and folds easily into the included backpack.
Sand-free and easy to clean. Save on your beach towels! Made of 100% nylon, sand won’t stick to the mat. Shake it off, leaving the sand where it belongs.
Skin friendly. How you feel matters. Breathable parachute nylon, soft and durable, tear-resistant, durable, well-crafted and colorful. The water-repellent treated fabric keeps moisture out.
All accessories packaged. Comes with 4 ABS plastic stakes and reinforced anchor rings and 4 corner sandbags to keep the blanket grounded on windy days. In addition, a carrying case is included.
A must-have accessory for vacation or beach. Just put it in the trunk and you’ll never regret your choice, whether you’re heading to spring camping or a backyard party, or just resting in the sun.

Length: 250cm × 210cm (suitable for 1-8 people camping) Weight: 380g (+/-10g)

Length: 210cm × 140cm (suitable for 1-4 people camping) Weight: 230g (+/-10g)

A Great Beach Blanket to Lounge on All Summer Long

Beach adventures are exciting, and you should be prepared for the beach with your summer essentials. Along with your perfect attire, you should also ensure you have your beach blanket in your bag too.

Beach blankets are an easy way to take your beach days to the next level!


  • A dapper beach blanket feels downright luxurious, and once you’ve experienced the blanket upgrade, you’ll never go back to navigating the tiny confines of a beach towel.
  • Save your beach towels! No more wet sand or taking sand home with you!!


Whether you want more space for the whole family, your crew of friends, or just want to have plenty of space to reach your peak lounging potential, Ocoopa Diveblues S09 will become your new favorite beach essential.

What makes a great beach day?
Make your must-have beach accessories practical and durable.

Stylish, durable, comfortable and versatile, the GAIVOTA collection is destined to be the perfect choice for an overall beach blanket this season.

What is a comfort space? It can comfortably fit the entire family.
  Beach Blanket GAIVOTA Collection

Made of 100% Parachute Nylon
Stylish, stunning colors, minimalist fashion
Large: 200CM*140CM, can accommodate 1-4 adults.
XX-Large: 250CM*210CM, can accommodate 1-8 adults.
Ultra-light, compact, sand-resistant, quick-drying and soft.

A stylish look that excites the eye

Don’t feel like you have to sacrifice style for functionality.


  • Plan a beautiful holiday with a beautiful beach blanket.


Stunning Colors and Simple Fashion


  • Inspired by the most stunning colors in the glorious Hawaiian Sun of Baldwin Beach Park.
  • The pleasing Marine Blue, Aqua blue,Sky blue, Sunset orange, Fantasy purple, Chic pink.

Outdoor/ Travel/ Vacation Must Haves
Compact and lightweight, soft material making it perfect for any use, whether it’s a picnic, hiking, camping, beaching, or traveling.
What will you LOVE?

1.Easy clean, shake off the sand and dirts easily from the blanket.
2.Waterproof and anti-heat, the material won’t absorb the heat under 3.sun.

Why do we choose parachute nylon?
GAIVOTA Beach Blankets adopt Nylon as the only material instead of traditional cotton nor wool.

Advantages of Nylon

Won’t get sand stuck on. Easy clean, shake off the sand easily from the blanket.
Won’t absorb the heat under sun.
Have your ever known that an average beach-goer unintentionally takes 170g of sand away from the beach? That’s equivalent 3 handfuls of sand!

An ordinary beach blanket, beach towel, your beach toys, slippers, swimmer may contribute to this. Millions of tourists every year have taken hundreds of truckloads of sand away from Boracay island, how about our other beaches?

Save Sand, Save Beach.

Leave the sand to where it belongs.


Multi-Scene Use
GAIVOTA  beach mat is suitable for beaches, picnics, camping, parks, travel, concerts, and other open-air festivals. It is a true multi-functional camping accessory.





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