Free Shipping New SC APC UPC 58mm SM Single Mode Optical Connector FTTH Tool Cold Connector Tool SC

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Fre Shipping New SC APC UPC 58mm SM Single Mode Optical Connector FTTH Tool Cold Connector Tool 58mm Connector Quick Connector


Quick Assembly Connector (also named “ No-Polish Connector ” , “Pre-polish Connector” or “ Fast Connector ”) is an easy-to-install device. No tool or jig is required. It is universal for 250um /900um / 2.0mm / 3.0mm / Flat Cable.

it was designed for fast termination with pre-polished connector. Using V groove technology, it requires no epoxy. With transparent body, the connecting result can be seen by Fiber Checker immediately. This is an ideal solution, either for outside plant or inside a building.

Optic Fiber Fast Connector

1.Simple structure
2.Save time
3.Low insertion loss.


1. Based on the pluggable non-preset tube technology
2. Precision ceramic components with co-axial self centering, Excellent and durable optical property
3. Optical fiber fits axially in elastic way and avoids completely any false connect
4. Triple clamping through the naked fiber, tight buffer and cable, etc., can be used as patchcord
5. High on-line tensile strength of Optical Fast Connector after terminating, always keep connecting    under the force from cabling and drawing.
6. Integrated protection of the casing to withstand harsh user environment.
7. Directly connectable with ONU without any optical socket, which reduces FTTH cost.
8. High success rate and easiness in installation with average splicing time 100 sec
9. Lower requirement for the habit working and work environment call for to the builder.
10. Visible Installation quality; independent from any far end light source and special device satisfying cabling construction in any sectioned way.

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