Flextailgear Air Pump Mattress Electric Inflatable Mini Mattress Pump 캠핑 Camping Air Bed Pump Light

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💡【Small and portable】The net weight is 89g, which is only the weight of 1 egg. One palm can easily hold the Tiny pump. As long as the switch is turned on, can be operated anytime and anywhere. It is very portable and can even be put into a pocket or an ultra-mini bag.


💡【High-brightness LED lighting】The bottom of Tiny Pump x is installed with T lighting, which consists of 8 high-brightness LED lamp beads. It has a wide range of lighting and high brightness. The maximum brightness can be as high as 400 lumens. It can be used as a camp lamp. Three-gear adjustment You can adjust the brightness you need according to different occasions as you like, to achieve multi-purpose, it is a necessary small object for outdoor sports, camping and so on.


💡【Pressure boost】The volume and weight are smaller, but the pressure is 75% higher than that of the pump series, the Yanqi pressure reaches 3.5kpa, and the suction pressure is 3kpa, which makes the filling pressure more full and the compression rate is higher. With more than 50% storage space, it is a good helper for home storage and outdoor travel.


💡【Practical and durable】The built-in 1300mAh polymer lithium battery, although very small, still earns the battery life; it can fill more than 10 outdoor cushions and compress dozens of storage bags; at the same time, it can also maintain a lighting battery life of up to 10 hours.


💡【All-round design】The size of the mini is still suitable for five valves. Set up type-c charging port, more versatility and higher stability. At the same time, it has a water-repellent design, which can avoid damage caused by hydration and splashing, and is not afraid of harsh environments. Built-in safety net to prevent accidental injury when you use it, giving you all-round care.


💡【Prevent accidental touch】The pump switch needs to be pressed twice to turn on, to prevent accidental touch, and can be safely put into a pocket or backpack.


Design for your camping travel


– Product Category: Survival Tool
– Color: white (without light), white (with light), gray (without light), gray (with light), blue (without light), blue (with light)
– Product Features: Illuminated DIY and LED Pump
– Product category: sports outdoor / daily necessities
– Product battery: TY-X (with battery)
– Product weight: 170G (with color box)


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