Fever HIFI lossless Bluetooth receiver Qualcomm QCC5125 Bluetooth 5.1 receiver ES9018 decodes

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Bluetooth chip: QCC5125

Bluetooth version: 5.1

DAC decoding chip: ES9018K2M

Coding format: LADC SBC / AAC aptx aptx ll aptx HD

Sampling rate: 24bit / 96KHz

Audio input interface: Bluetooth USB

Audio output interface: RCA optical fiber

Power supply: type-C 5V

Product size: 90 * 74 * 29mm

Product weight: 150g

Shell material: aluminum alloy

Connection distance:20-30M


1. Power / Factory reset

1) Power on / off: Long press for 3s to turn device on/off.

2) Pairing: Power on and auto Bluetooth pairing begins with the blue LED signal flashing quickly. Search for Bluetooth name A112 and connect. Paired and the blue LED signal keeps on.

3)Back connection: Long press for 3s in shutdown state, A112 re-connects the last paired device.

4) To play / pause: Short press.

5) Connect a new device: Double press to enter pairing mode. Existing connection breaks. Ready for new pairing.

6) Factory reset: Extended press for 6s to restore factory settings.

2. Line output

3. Optical fiber output

4. Power input / USB input

1) Power input: USB-C interface. Power source spec: 5V / 1A (or above).

* In case of unexpected crashes, unplug power cord and reconnect to restart.

2) USB input: the USB port that connects computer can be used as USB DAC without extra driver installation.

5. Bluetooth antenna: take out the Bluetooth antenna of the accessory box. Screw and use.

6.About the problem that LDAC cannot be played by default when using

If the mobile phone uses Qualcomm chips, its priority is aptx adaptive over LDAC.

If you want to use LDAC, you need to set LDAC priority in the developer options of the mobile phone

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