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Application range:
This product is widely used in kitchen, lighting, pet food throwing machine, flower watering device, garden sprinkler irrigation system, plant growth light, anti-theft and so on.

 product description:

1. Large screen display (LCD size: 34*49mm), clearer vision;

2. Multi-button design, easier to operate;

3. Timing settings: up to 10 groups of timer switches in a single day, and up to 70 groups of timer switches in a week;

4. Time settings include hours, minutes and weeks;

5. Clock with daylight saving time switch

6. Random function (usually used for anti-theft);

7. Manual switch and timing switch switching

8. According to personal preference, the clock can be switched between 12-hour clock and 24-hour clock with one key;

9. Built-in 1.2V/rechargeable NiMH battery; avoid consumers from repeatedly replacing batteries

10. The product comes with a backup power supply design. When the battery is not used for a long time (such as vacant for 2 years) and the battery is exhausted and damaged, you can continue to use it by simply plugging it into the socket and turning on the power; can use;

11. CE certification

12. According to different national standards, this product has different national specifications such as Britain, France, the United States, Europe, Australia, Italy, Israel, and Switzerland.

Special Technical Data
Installation:  Plug-in Type
Rating:120V~250V AC/10~16A/1800W~3680W Operating Temperatures:-10.+40C
Package Contents
1 x Digital Timer Switch   (Plug type accoring your order)
1 x Instruction Manual



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