Electric Coffee Grinder 40MM Titanium Alloy Cone Knife Grinder Portable Coffee Grinder Household

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Electric Coffee Grinder Titanium Alloy Cone Knife Grinder Portable Coffee Grinder Household Small Grinder

Electric Coffee Grinder Titanium Alloy Cone Knife Grinder Portable Coffee Grinder Household Small Grinder

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Product Name: Conical burrs coffee grinder
Model: LD-016/LD-017
(LD-017 refers to the cylindrical body, and LD-016 refers to the hexagonal body. )

Volatge: 220V/50Hz~60Hz 110V/60Hz
Power: 180W
Bean Hopper Capacity: 75G
Motor Speed: 550R/M
Conical Burrs: 40MM
Gear: 19 Gears
Material: Aluminium alloy body + Titanium Burr

Powder Cup Diameter: 90MM
Color: Black/White
Control Mode: Electric control board
Machine Size: 9.6*17.4*31cm
Packing Size: 29*17*27cm
Net Weight/ Gross Weight: 2.6kg/3.5kg
Package includes: coffee grinder, cleaning brush, powder cup, English instruction manual, KR plug adapter

[We distribute plug adapters according to the plug specifications of your country/region.]

Six advantages of grinding machine

75g bean warehouse + residual powder shot
Pressable lid for reducing powder residue

19-Speed thickness adjustment design, suitable for hand pour-over coffee and espresso.

Hard titanium conical burr, diamter is 40mm, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high hardness.

The powder cup is magnetically fixed to reduce the vibration and displacement when grinding beans.

Inching switch, motor speed is 550 RPM.

90MM powder cup

Product parameters

Questions and Answers:

Q: How long is the delivery time?

A: The effect can be achieved within 5 days in South Korea, other regions depend on your location.

Q: Why does the machine have coffee powder residue?

A: When the machine leaves the factory, it will use coffee beans to debug the grinding test to see if it can be used normally. This is a part of the normal production process. After the grinding test is completed, the process of cleaning the coffee powder with an air gun after turning on the machine is unavoidable and there are still some residues. If you mind, please take pictures carefully, please understand.

Q: Will there be coffee residue after the machine is used?

A: There will be a little bit, this is a normal phenomenon. After grinding, tap the residual powder on the bean bin lightly to reduce the residual powder.

Q: Why do I have to pay customs duties?

A: Tariff is a tax levied by each country's customs on the import and export of goods passing through its customs according to the laws of the country, please understand.

Q: What are the accessories for the coffee grinder?

A: The powder cup, cleaning brush, and English instruction manual.

Q: Is the machine plug suitable for use in my country?

A: Regarding the problem of plugs, we will give free plug converters according to the country.

◆This equipment is only designed to grind roasted coffee beans, please do not grind other items.
●It is recommended to use a brush to clean the device, do not wash it with water.
◆The edge of the grinding core is sharp, please pay attention to avoid scratches.
◆Do not allow children to operate this product.
◆Store this product in the shade and dry environment.
●It is not recommended to disassemble or replace the grinding center and other internal parts by yourself. If you have special needs, please do it under the guidance of relevant technical personnel.

Kind tips:
1. Our company is not responsible for the consequences of violating the above precautions.
2. Since the grinding core is a consumable product, trial grinding will not be accepted! Once used, it cannot be returned.
3. The surface of the white body is made of baking paint, and there may be slight unevenness or color difference, which does not affect the use of functions.
4. The powder cup and bean bin are metal products, and there may be slight scratches or small flaws on the surface appearance, but this does not affect the functional use. The above appearance problems do not affect the use and life of the product.

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