Delivery man apologises to Shopee customer for leaving package outside after midnight

She thought the wok she ordered from Shopee would not be delivered that day and so she turned in for the night.

To Stomper Nefla‘s surprise, she received a notification from her phone’s Shopee app after midnight that her order had been delivered.

At this hour?

She told Stomp: “J&T delivered the package at 12.13am and left it in the open without informing me.”

J&T Express is the delivery company that partners with Shopee and other e-commerce sites.

On her app, it said that her order was shipped out on Monday (Aug 1) at 5.53pm. The Stomper said she waited until 11.30pm on Tuesday.

“I thought my item would not be delivered since it was so late. While I was in bed, I got a Shopee notification…