Car Led Roof Lamp 8 Color Car 18 LEDs Night Light Touch Type Ceiling Magnet Interior Reading Light

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Product Name: LED Magnetic Reading Light

Product size: 11.2*8.4*1.5cm

Material: PC/ABS, LED circuit board

Voltage: 5V

Power: 3W

Appearance: black, beige, gray

Light Color: Ice Blue/Red/Green/Purple/Yellow/Blue/White/Orange

installation steps:

➊Tear off the double-sided tape protective layer

❷ Paste the iron sheet and double-sided tape together.

❸Tear off the other side of the protective layer and stick it on the roof

❹ Just attach the light to it



–Magnetic adsorption non-destructive installation, free LED reading light, high brightness/long life/low power consumption/rechargeable/easy installation

–Unlimited models, one-key color change, color changeable. Use at any time. No wiring required

–Smart touch to light up life, short press on/off, instantly light up, simple and practical

–18 high-brightness LED lamp beads, 15MM slim lamp body, 8 colors adjustable

–Built-in lithium battery, USB charging, overcharge protection. Power off when fully charged

–The installation is firm and bump-proof, and the strong adhesive-backed iron sheet can withstand 0.5KG weight magnet

–Take and put on the car emergency, find lost items/check the condition of the car/check the tires/read in the car

–Not only can be used in car, but also can be used at home to light up life, widely used. Soft and not dazzling


Package Included:

1*reading light 1*data cable 1*iron sheet 1*double-sided tape


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