Aisilan led chandelier modern all copper dining room light luxury bar Nordic home creative spot

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Net Weight: 3.24kg

Pure copper lamp body

The copper Quality Assurance

Anti-corrosion and durable

The lamp body

Superb craftsmanship

Through punching, spinning, polishing, glazing and other precision grinding processes, the color is lustrous and the texture is smooth and delicate

The crystal

High transparent crystal lampshade

Stable ceiling mount

Safe and reliable installatio

Anti glare design

care much about your eyes

Hanging wire length:108cm adjustment

Hanging wire length can be adjusted within 108cm as per you needs.


Long lifespan High CRI

Materials: copper+crystal Light source: COB+SMD
Color:brass Beam angle:45°
CRI: ≥93
Applications: dinning room, bar counter, commercial, etc

1.Make holes on the ceiling according to the punched paper
2.Install base holder on reserved hole, then install the other end of the fixture at the balance distance of about 59cm.
3.Connect the wires of lamp body with the wires reserved at home.
4.Snap the lamp body into the base holder, then fixed with screws, screw the thread locker into the holder.
5.Loosen the wire box to adjust the wire length, press and hold the wire locker to adjust the wire length, and tighten the wire box to fix the wire length
6.Finish installation.

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