50/100PCS Natural Detox Foot Patches for Stress Relief Deep Sleep Herbal Toxins Clean Body Toxins

Price: 243.04 - 145.85


Relieve stress: Detox active whole herbs can remove toxins, which will significantly improve your physical and mental health.

Eliminate toxins: Your body is full of impurities and metabolic waste products, which can damage the blood and increase stress.

Detox Foot Patch provides you with detox treatments that purify your body, mind and soul.

Natural ingredients: Foot Detox Patch contains whole herbs from remote mountainous areas in East Asia.

Ginger powder and bamboo vinegar are known for their detoxification properties, which can clean the body and boost mood.

Traditional wisdom: According to Asian wisdom, the human body has more than 360 acupuncture points, of which more than 60 are on the soles of the feet.

The foot patch for detox treatment combines mature Asian technology with elegant and modern methods.

Easy to use: stick the detox patch on the center of your foot.

The soft side of the cast must be in contact with the skin.

It is recommended to apply detox cream before going to bed.

Remove the plaster after 6-8 hours, wash your feet, and enjoy the enhanced sense of well-being.


Name: Detox Foot Patch, Dehumidifying Pad, Foot Patch 10 Patches/Box

Main ingredients: bamboo vinegar, mugwort leaf extract, ginger, etc.

Efficacy: dehumidify, relieve fatigue, improve sleep

Advantages: light and comfortable, natural and comfortable, can be applied for 8 hours, care for the beautiful feet and relax the mood.


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