3pcs Goal Zero Lighthouse Micro Flash Accessories Lampshade Magnetic Base Lamp Jacket For Goal Zero

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This product is a 1:1 copy version, there are differences in appearance, the main differences are: the appearance of lamp beads and USB, the product is mainly the appearance difference, the quality is the same as the original, the price is very cheap, wholesale can be discounted

product name:

Goal zero 32005 special lamp clothing, the installation of the lamp clothing will be a little laborious, customers please pay attention

GZ small lighthouse universal lampshade emergency mini portable LED small lighthouse lighting accessories

The installation is complete

Inner size 30mm, outer size 150mm

1. ManDo specially designed a lamp coat and lampshade for goal zero 32005.

2. 100% safe material production, quality assurance

3. The lampshade is used for the goal zero 32005 model, and a special structure is designed to adapt it, which can be stably fixed on the flashlight

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