2022 NEW Translation Headphones 127 Languages Instant Translate Smart Voice Translator Wireless

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M6 Translator

M6 is the premium translation earbuds that not only offer online Translation but also can be used for everyday tasks like listening to music or making phone calls

M6 language translating device earbuds delivers natural and almost seamless communication, smash language barriers.With translator earphones, you can express yourself freely in any language you wish any time and any place.

product information:
Category: AI instant translation earplugs
Series/Model: M6
color: White
Charging box size: 6.3cm × 4.5 cm × 2.3 cm
Packing size: 12.5cm × 10.1cm × 4.3cm
Weight (1 earplug): 5g
Weight (2 earplugs + 1 charging box): 45g
Weight (including packaging): 190g
Bluetooth (earbud type): BLE 5.0
Maximum. Connection distance: 10 meters
Automatic connection: automatically connect within 0.5 meters of the mobile phone
Automatic reconnection: automatically reconnect by pulling the earbuds out of the charging case
Battery duration (per earplug): 5 hours+
Charging time: 1.5 hours
Charging time (charging box): 1.5 hours
Charging port: TYPE-C
Wearing style: shallow in-ear style
Noise reduction: beamforming
Mobile phone system version: Android 7.0/iOS 11.0 and above

Charging compartment*1
Charging cable*1
Manual *1

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