2022 New RG106 Drone 6K Dual Camera Profesional GPS Drones With 3 Axis Brushless Rc Helicopter 5G

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Model: RG106 & RG106Pro

Brushless Motor: 1506

Motor power: 1700/KV

PTZ: Three axis mechanical pan tilt

Receiving Frequency: 5G real-time transmission

camera : Adjustable camera 90°. Self-stabilizing electronic image stabilization lens

Rc holder size (support the largest phone size): 5.5 inches

Remote control battery: Built-in lithium battery

Drone battery 7.4V 3800mAh

flight distance: About 2000 meters

Flight time: About 28 minutes

Charging time: About 4 hours

Charging method: USB (5V)

Body size: 31x31x7.5cm

Folded Product size: 18×12.5×7.5cm

Package dimensions: 23*11*29cm

Product’s Weigh 327g

APP name and system HFun PIus (System: IOS Android)

GPS Follow me

Trajectory flight Tap flight

Fixed point surround" (4-20M)

Hand gesture shooting/video reconization 1-3M

MV: filters, video effects, adding background music, picture/video sharing Photo/video share

Satellite positioning dual mode: GPS/GLONASS double mode


1. GPS returns to the take-off point with one button, returns to home with low power, and returns without signal.


① GPS smart follow: After the aircraft is connected to the GPS, open the APP follow function, and the aircraft will move with the mobile phone.

②Image follow: 1-3m from the aircraft to identify the subject and automatically follow the flight.

3. Gesture photo recognition: within 1-3m from the aircraft, make photo gestures facing the camera.

4. Multi-point flight planning for the route: The aircraft will fly autonomously according to the pre-set route, and the player will focus on shooting.

5. Fixed-point surround: find the center point of the surround, and then use the joystick to move the desired surround radius.

6. MV function: filters, video effects, adding background music, picture/video sharing

Packing list:

Aircraft X1

remote control X1

Body battery X1

USB charging cable X1

Spare blade X4

screwdriver X1

Backpack X1



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