20000mAh Solar Led Light Outdoor 999LED Solar Lamp Waterproof Garden Light Remote Control Solar

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Differences between style A and style B

*Style B lamps has higher brightness, with an illumination angle of about 150°, the light is more concentrated.

*Style A lamps has a wider range, with an illumination angle of about 210°, the light is more uniform.

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Product advantages:

1.【Super Bright】: 10000W, a new LED wick is equivalent to 6 old wicks, the brightness is enough to illuminate the entire courtyard.

2.【Intelligent Sensor】: Radar sensor, can sense 10-12 meters, even if it is heavy rain, snowstorm, heavy smog, it can be used normally, and it will automatically turn on when someone passes by.

3. 【Fast charging】: 3 hours of direct sunlight during the day, can be used overnight.

4. 【Long battery life】 Built-in 15000mAh high-capacity aluminum battery, the use time can reach 1.6 million hours.

5. 【High-quality materials】 Use newly upgraded high-quality materials, strong sealing, waterproof, lightning-proof, snow-proof, dust-proof, and drop-proof, and can work normally at any time.

6. Tightly packaged, double-layer foam cushion, beautiful box, delivered to you safely and intact.

7. The order will be shipped immediately, and the buyer's address will be checked again before delivery and whether the goods are intact.

8. The seller responds 24 hours a day. If you have any questions, please contact the seller in time. We have professional after-sales service and technical personnel can solve any problems perfectly.

【3 modes】: multiple modes, enough to meet your needs.

Mode 1: Lights up when someone passes by, and goes out automatically when someone walks.

Mode 2: All light up when someone passes by, and medium brightness after people leave.

Mode 3: Always medium brightness.

①For the first time, please make sure that the solar lamp is charged in the sun first!
②It is recommended to install it in a location where it is easy to be exposed to the sun!
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