10pcs Heart Push Poppers White biodegradable butterfly Confetti for Wedding Bridal Shower

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10pcs/set Heart Push Biodegradable butterflies Poppers 


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The Push-Pop Poppers are filled with Biodegradable butterflies bconfetti.



There are no “fire-power”.


It is a simple machine. 


The best method to make confetti flying is to push the stick on the middle of the palm by your hand. 



Please don't take the lid off and wait for it to explode.


Confetti poppers are super fun for any occasion! Just push the bottom to release while holding the popper in the air to release a confetti shower! 


 Container Size : 1.5" x 7.5" (including handle)

 Confetti Size:about 2cm


 Material:plastic and tissue paper confetti

 Packing include:10pcs/pack

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